Hi! My name is Stanislav Batalov.
I am an illustrator from Russia, Novorossiysk.

My skills – hand drawing and work in Adobe Illustrator. I like flat illustration . Through experimentation and research, I have developed my own different graphic styles, fun, light and varied. And I’m interested in new styles. Such illustrations can be useful for a wide variety of projects – websites, applications, advertising, printing, etc.

Stanislav Batalov



$30 per hour

Work on one illustration, depending on the number of details and characters, takes 1-7 hours (or more), not counting the time for communication with the customer and breaks. That is, one illustration can cost $ 30-210 (or more).



Your Idea

You offer me your idea of ​​an illustration, explain what you want to see on it.

Our Vision

We offer you our vision of your idea in the form of an outline.

Ready Illustration

And we turn your approved sketch into a finished exclusive illustration.

F. A. Q.

First, I make a simple sketch and show it to the client, after that I make sure that the client likes the sketch and start working on the illustration. Take a look at an example sketch and finished illustration. View…

Depending on the amount of details, characters – 1-7 hours, not counting the time for communication with the customer and breaks. As a result – three or four days for one illustration.

As a result, I provide the customer with an illustration in .PNG, .AI, .EPS. In each vector file, everything is organized into layers and groups, so that the designer who received my illustrations could easily adjust the color, outline thickness, work with the illustration in animation programs.

The cost of my work on illustrations is $ 30 per hour, that is, one illustration can cost $ 30-210 (or more). The customer receives an exclusive illustration created specifically for him.

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